A chance to meet the artists while enjoying complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drink specials!

April Featured Author: Jeanne Crane

Jeanne will be at 64 on April 28, 5-7pm to discuss her books and offer signed copies for sale!


Local author and presenter, Jeanne Crane, will take us on a wee trip to Ireland,

highlighting some of the Emerald Isle’s most mystical and magical thin places

and speaking about the spirit, wit, and wisdom of its people.

See FB Celticspiritbooks or www.celticspiritbooks.com or Amazon author page.

She will read short excerpts from her novels, Amidst the Stones of Celtic Ireland

and Celtic Spirit as well as have available her travel books Snapshots of Ireland.

All for review, signing and purchase.


May Featured Author: Jennifer Forrester

Book signing on May 19, 5-7pm to discuss her book and offer signed copies for sale!

My name is Jennifer Forrester and I live in Victor NY with my husband Dave Lathrop, our puppy Hank Williams and cat Ruby.
I am a yoga teacher and Photographer and new author. I wrote this book to highlight the joys and trials of pet adoption and connection with all creatures. You just never know the impact that someone is going to make in your life, and the act of being your authentic self (as all the animals I’ve met are) is exactly what you’ve needed.
My book “Ping and other four-legged gurus” is a love story about connection to animals, the wild and tame. The relationships we share with them, the lessons we learn and using intuition as we navigate these relationships.
Proceeds of this book are going to help support the dogs at the Elephant Nature Park where we adopted Ping. 
Available in paperback on Lulu.comAmazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com


March Featured Artist: Scott Dohring

Art Reception will be held March 3rd, 5-7pm


Acrylic Paintings on Canvas, 2016-2022

I had read about the population decline of honeybees and started this series with bees as a subject. From there I moved on to birds and other animals mostly from the habitat of western NY.

Living on a historic property in Webster, I’ve been able to see most of the subjects firsthand.

The pieces are illustrative and graphical in style, using simple strong lines and saturated color. The style is inspired by folk art, the 2-dimensional perspective of the European medieval era, US national parks posters and the naturalist genre of Audubon.

Previous series have focused on expressionism and abstract formalist styles of painting. Other creative endeavors have been with music and electronic sound art as well as postal networking and publishing Foist Magazine, a historical atlas for the post-fluxus movements as mail art, visual poetry, copy art, stamp art and other relative trends from the 1980’s to 2000. The Scott Dohring International Mail Art Collection is housed at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY.