A chance to meet the artists while enjoying complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drink specials!


April Featured Artist: Barbara Kurcoba, Photographer

Reception Date: April 29th 5PM-7PM

Photography has been a hobby since I was 11 and received my first Brownie camera for Christmas. For many years I had to carefully plan my shots because of the cost of film and developing.

Then I was literally dragged into the digital age and I have never looked back. I so enjoy looking at everything around me with a critical eye and wonder what will happen if I move 1 step here, maybe 2 over there, stand higher, or bend lower. I sometimes take 25+ shots just wandering around whatever is intriguing me at the time.
Retirement from teaching has allowed me to experiment on many different levels: not only taking photos in many different places but also manipulating the image on the computer. I especially have enjoyed experimenting with architecture, light, and nature.

Come out to visit the Virtual World Tour I have created for you at Mendon 64.

May Featured Artist: Brandi Morino

Exhibit date TBA


June Featured Artist: HFL Senior AP Art Show

Exhibit date TBA


July Featured Artist

Born naked, screaming, without a clue.
At 12 photography claimed a part of me. I am capable of being a photographer but I prefer to be more. A few years ago I found myself still wondering about ‘fitting in” and realized that I’m not a “visual engineer”. My visual interests are broad and unfettered. If I must have a style (portfolio reviewers like one to have a style) I prefer “Emotional Landscapes” to be mine. I am assured this will not serve me well.

The final image, if there is such a thing, is a culmination and a commencement.

The culmination is the beauty to be found in life. Each image is a montage of emotions, concepts, memories, desires being expressed through a digital media..

Commencement is interwoven throughout the process with each conscious/unconscious decision and the actual print in hand. What’s next? What is light doing now? I pursue minimalism for the beauty it can express so clearly, the focus it allows, the conundrum it presents. Definitive or ill- defined, expressive, impressionistic, representational, complex, shy, or alluring, art is us. We are the art. We are poetry.
Presently just old, no clue, occasionally naked, screaming thru art…

August Featured Artist: Sandra Tyler

Exhibit date TBA