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Featured Cocktails

The Red Lady

Tequila, fresh lime juice, agave and cabernet sauvignon with salt rim.

Orange Thyme Old Fashioned

Homemade orange-thyme syrup, bourbon topped with orange and cherry.



Fiddlehead Brewing IPA

Voodo Ranger Future Hop IPA


Rhorbach Sotch Ale

Big Ditch IPA

Big Ditch Hazy

Bluebarn Westcider

Goose Island IPA


Corona Light

Corona Extra

Labatt Blue Light

Heineken 00

Budweiser 00


Three Heads Long Live Bock

Rochester, NY. German Lager. 6.5%

Rhorbach Irish Ale

Rochester , NY. Cream Ale. 4.8%

Rhorbach Different Animal

Rochester, NY. IPA. 7.2%

Rhorbach Vanilla Porter

Rochester, NY. Dark Porter. 5.9%

Rhorbach Space Kitty

Rochester, NY. Double IPA. 8.4%

Rhorbach Blueberry Ale

Rochester, NY. Blonde Ale. 4.5%

K2 Brewing IPA

Rochester, NY. IPA. 6%

K2 Brewing Sour

Rochester, NY. Blue Razz Sour. 4.5%

Big Ditch Low Bridge

Buffalo, NY. Golden Ale. 4.8%

Big Ditch Hayburner

Buffalo, NY. IPA. 7.2%

Big Ditch Dayburner

Buffalo, NY. IPA. 4.2%

Resurgence Fruited Pilsner

Buffalo, NY. Fruited Pilsner. 4.5 %

Founders Breakfast Stout

Grand Rapids, Michigan. Chocolate Stout. 8.3%



Chambord, Vanilla Vodka, Amaretto, Cream

The Red Lady Margarita

Tequila, Fresh lime juice, Agave, Cabernet Float, Salt rim

Orange-Thyme Old Fashioned

Homemade orange thyme syrup, Bourbon, Orange and Cherry

Blackberry Bloom

Chambord Blackberry, Liquor and Prosecco

Mendon Manhatten

Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Splash of Cherry Juice

Grapefruit Blossom

Gin, St. Germaine, Grapefruit Juice and Lemon

Mendon Mule

Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice, Ginger Beer

Cranberry Gin Fizz

Gin, Cranberry, Lemon, topped with Prosecco

Dirty Mendon Martini

Classic Dirty Martini with Vodka, Vermouth, Extra Olives

Espresso Martini

Espresso Liquor, Baileys, Vanilla Vodka, Cream