2019 Musicians

Featuring local musicians the LAST weekend of each month! Come join us for some great tunes, friends, food & drinks



Friday the 29th 6:30-8:30: Higher Ground Duo

“If you enjoy jazz, soul, funk and pop music, then come out to hear the Vince Ercolamento and Joe Chiappone Duo, also known as Higher Ground. These two musicians who are members of Prime Time Funk and the Rochester Music Hall of Fame House Band, have performed with some of the best musicians in the world. They put an original spin on the songs they play for their audiences, drawing from an extensive repertoire of musical styles which appeals to a wide variety of music lovers. Higher Ground strives to have something for everyone and is an exceptional group worth hearing.”

Saturday the 30th 7:30-9:30: Isaiah Lee 

“Isaiah (born February 1, 2001) in Rochester, NY, to a large family of 7 brothers and 4 sisters. Isaiah started playing piano before he could walk with a musical gift that was apparent at a very young age. In early 2017 he picked up his brother’s guitar and began

to teach himself how to play. Driven by his love for music and ability to captivate an audience it was not long before Isaiah was performing across the region.”


Friday the 20th 7:00-9:00: Hanna PK Holiday Show

 a 2019 International Blues Challenge Semi-Finalist — a solid pianist, soulful vocalist, and vibrant performer who channels a wide variety of the blues & swing, old school folk and boogie-woogie but with her own contemporary realness whether she’s performing her story-telling originals, breathing new life into songs that may be 100 years old, or anything in-between.  Her seemingly sweet and soft-spoken appearance often leads to surprise when hearing for the first time her rich, resonating voice that goes from a whisper to belting with intensity.  Her piano ranges from barrelhouse to jazzy to delicate, full of spontaneousness, and what draws the audience closer to her heartfelt and honest songs are her genuine passion and originality that comes from within.  Once in a while, we meet an artist that seems to be quite nothing like what we’ve seen or heard, yet, reaching that common ground and emotions through their own creativity, makes us feel at ease, touched, and understood.  With that kind of quality,  Hanna is reaching out one show at a time.

Saturday the 21st 7:00-9:00: Mike Joseph