February’s Featured Artists: Vanessa Varjian & Mike Fitzsimmons

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Mike Fitzsimmons

Artist Statements


 I live and work in Ovid, New York as a painter, farmhand and cidery worker. There is a constant interaction with produce and fermentation through my job and this provides an intimate acquired knowledge of these subjects; weight, texture, scent, taste, even the history of their processes are known to me, as I watch them grow and change throughout the work season. Most of my current paintings are of the local landscape or still lives featuring crops and drinks. My focus is often drawn towards sunlight filtered through foliage or refracting though glass. I translate shadow, form, and color as accurately as possible while combining this with spontaneous deviations and emotional responses that occur in the act of painting. I concentrate on observational studies to describe objects but intend for thicker passages of painted marks to allow the work to transcend ordinary images and acquire an energy of their own.



Mike Fitzsimmons is a self-taught metal artist who found his appreciation for metalworking while attending college.  Enrolled in an automotive body program, Mike excelled in the metal working disciplines. In addition to receiving a degree in Automotive Technology, he went on to complete his degree in Mechanical Design Engineering.

After college, Mike worked as a Designer for both large and small companies, all the while continuing his love for metalworking in outside ventures by restoring and customizing classic automobiles.

In 2003 Mike evolved from automotive art to fine art. The change was prompted by a research and design position that required him to sculpt custom medical instruments for use in surgical procedures. This job rekindled his profound appreciation for metalworking and sculpting.

The artwork Mike produces is derived from a love for the outdoors, encompassing the shapes, textures and colors found in nature.  The use of flowing designs enhanced by specialized patinas and fine finishing is what drives Mike’s Designs.