Decembers Featured Artist is John Kosboth!

Join us the first Tuesday of each month for the artists reception.

A chance to meet the artist while enjoying¬†complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drink specials!

Artist Statement

Born naked, screaming, without a clue…

Our images are aspects of life recognized…moments recalled in quiet times…memory fragments…fantasies…parties and pains also real and imagined…walls of all sorts, people, remnants, clutter, hope…small rewards by which we know we exist and have meaning…both montage and memories have necessary edges…the art is in the doing of life and our images are artifacts of our process.


Our images are shared emotions…Emotional Landscapes…I would prefer that you hang our art upon your walls (and/or hold images in awareness for a time) rather than have me reference a recollection of events not yet agreed upon by those who may have been involved.


Presently just old, no clue, occasionally naked, screaming thru art.

A few images may be found at