Aprils’s Featured Artists: Luanne Pero & Angela Possemato

Join us on April 2nd for Art Night!

Exhibit runs from Tuesday April 2nd to Saturday April 27th 

A chance to meet the artists while enjoying complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drink specials!







Artist Statement

Angela Possemato:

“Photography is a wonderful creative outlet which gives me the opportunity to capture memories, take in beauty, and share it with others. I shoot what catches my eye whether it is color, subject, texture or mood. I photograph things and places, events and moments that I want to remember. Photography encourages me to slow down, be present, stretch my creativity and grow.

In addition to being an avid photographer I am a retired music educator and flutist. I also enjoy yoga, reading, cooking, biking, spending time in nature and traveling. A long time interest, I began pursuing photography seriously in 2007. Since that time I have had the privilege of studying with Andre’ Gallant in Lunenberg, NS, Alison Shaw and Eddie Soloway at the Maine Media College in Rockport, Maine, Mark Bowie, Adirondack Photography Institute and have taken a variety of classes and workshops at the Flower City Arts Center in Rochester, NY and with Rochester photographer Gary Thompson.

As a musician I have listened carefully to tone, rhythm, patterns, texture, color and harmony. With my camera I am learning to see these things in a whole new light. I strive to create images that express my interpretation, literal or impressionistic, of the places and things that I find beautiful or interesting, be it an entire scene or a very small detail of it. I enjoy nature, travel and landscape photography hoping to capture what is unique about the place and give the viewer a sense of being there with me.”


Luann Pero:

Through my photography, I try to capture the essence of the moment:  the symphony of line, subtle color, and reflections of light present in the daily beauty that surrounds us.  I have become enchanted with impressionistic photography.  Methods such as selective focus and camera movement allowed me to create photographic impressions of the world.  These techniques produced ethereal images that are both abstract and painterly, and can evoke emotion through the use of color, line, and perspective. I am also drawn to macro photography.  I can give the viewer a glimpse into a world that is often overlooked and unseen by the naked eye.

Creativity has been an important part of my life. After raising two children and working as a graphic artist and system analyst, I picked up my camera.  Currently, I am a partner at Image City Photography Gallery on University Avenue.