May’s Featured Artists: Victoria Savka & Rachel Coutant

Join us on May 7th for Art Night!

Exhibit runs from Tuesday April 30th to Saturday June 1st 

A chance to meet the artists while enjoying complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drink specials!







Artist Statement

Victoria Savka:

I created a zoo of animals, and then my zoo became a farm. The prints shown are but a handful of animals that have been imagined and created in a quiet printmaking stu

dio. Animals have been my muses for quite sometime. Their fur, feathers, and wool provide wonderful texture, but it’s their personalities that shine through. I see printmaking as a chance to create different stories through the smallest shifts of color and imagery. Through the possibilities of multiples I create variations where I experiment with different colors, layer images, and push for moodier or more whimsical atmospheres.”

Maria Victoria Savka is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology’s BFA in Illustration and Fine Arts Studio. Victoria has gained recognition as the Grand Prize winner of the 2016 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Poster Contest and a finalist of the 2016 Society of Illustrator’s Student Scholarship Show. She is an active member of the Monotype Guild of New England and the Print Club of Rochester. She recently returned for her Masters in Science for Teaching and currently works as an art teacher and artist. Victoria lives in Scottsville, NY with her chickens and family.


Rachel Coutant:

Rachel Coutant (Impassioned Art) is a local surreal photographer who pours her life and faith into the images she creates and the writing she pairs with them. Through her vulnerability, she desires to invite people into a space where they feel safe to learn about themselves, break out of boxes, and meet with the real, life-changing Jesus that she knows. Her work carries themes of deep healing, human emotions, and good communication, and she hopes that by laying her own life on the table through her work she might encourage life in others.