September’s Featured Artist: William Pickett!

Join us on September 11th for Art Night!

Exhibit runs from Tuesday Sept. 4th to Saturday Sept. 29th

A chance to meet the artists while enjoying complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drink specials!





Artist Statement

William Pickett: 

“I intend to capture images of the beauty of the everyday world and make them easily available to anyone.  We pass through this world distracted by our needs or those of others; it often seems that there is little beauty or graciousness.  The natural world has overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  My aim is to provide the opportunity to stop and see the beauty and grace of God’s creation.  The world constructed by human beings also contains beauty and surprise if we only know where and how to look.”
Bill is a retired college and church administrator who has been taking photos all his life but intensively for the last 30 years.  He and his wife Marilyn are parents of eight and grandparents of twenty.  Thus Bill does a lot of family, event, and sports photography.  His first love will always be landscapes.  They don’t move–much–and they never ask to see the photo and exercise a veto!  You can learn more about Bill on his website– –and visit his photography site–
All proceeds from the sale of the items on display will be contributed to to the Kuc Majok Vocational College in South Sudan.