January’s Featured Artists: Nils Caspersson & Mitchell Tyskiewicz

Exhibit runs from Tuesday January 7th to Saturday February 1st

A chance to meet the artists while enjoying complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drink specials!


Artist’s Statement

Mitchell Tyskiewicz: 

“Mitch was born in the small town of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin on January 20th 1993 and moved to Pittsford, NY at the age of 3.

Mitch’s schooling had a bit of a rough start when in kindergarten he refused
to put a cottonball on a photocopy of a rabbit. His teacher tried to explain
to Mitch the importance of art and Mitch replied, “This is not art, it is a craft”.

Mitch has always been an out of the box thinker, so finding a good place to
get an education was a challenge. He attended Cobblestone School, Norman

Howard and Victor Schools, where he excelled in art, guitar and gymnastics.

Mitch dreams and daydreams in shapes and colors. When he wakes, his therapy
is to draw these shapes. In his dreams, the shapes are moving. So he takes a
freeze frame, like a screenshot of what is in his head. Painting these
shapes and looking at the shapes in his finished drawings makes him feel
like he has communicated something important.”I am putting the images that
are in my head onto a canvas in case anyone wants to know what is going on in there”.

Mitch’s art can be seen on Etsy where his store is called



Nils Caspersson: 

Nils R. Caspersson is a retired New York State teacher with Swedish heritage and a background in folk arts and folk music. His artwork is a reflection of bold contemporary Scandinavian colors and traditional design done with acrylics and a self-trained hand. 

Nils is a grant recipient in folk arts studies from NYSCA and NEA and most recently participated in a symposium presenting music from the Erie Canal at the Erie Canal Museum, Syracuse, NY. His painting subjects come from western New York, Sweden, family portraits, abstract impressionism, with much more to come. His work has been displayed throughout western New York, New England and a few hang in Stockholm. 

Two of Caspersson’s acrylic paintings, Spelmannen/The Fiddler and Berättare/ Storyteller, were accepted in Dalakonst 2015, at the Dalarnas Museum, Falun, Sweden. Dalakonst 2015 is an annual fall showing of Scandinavian artists whose work is related to the Dalarna area of Sweden. 

For more information email nilscaspersson@ yahoo.com or call 585 924 7868.

***Join Nils for his “Art Night” on Tuesday January 21st from 6:00-8:00 for a chance to chat, complimentary

hors d’oeuvres and drink specials!***